Aerial view of the of the ever-beautiful waters of Twofold Bay in full algal bloom near the town of Eden, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.




Artist's Statement

If us mere mortals could get a glimpse of heaven on Earth, what would it look like?

I dream it would look like this, a place aptly named Eden. Beauty, peace and perfection all in one.


Presenting ‘Bloom’ – a bird’s eye view of Aslings Beach in Eden, New South Wales, Australia and the brilliant algal bloom known as a “bioluminescent dinoflagellate”.

Such a privilege to have witnessed and captured it, and I delight in the irony of this ruby phenomenon occurring along the far south of NSW, called the Sapphire Coast.


“I selected this image by Lainey Foster as the winner as it exhibits so many of the elements that I look for in a successful photograph. The way that Lainey has shot the image from above means that the landscape is flattened and abstracted from the every day, the dramatic and out of place red of the algal bloom only increases the viewers’ disorientation and our brain has to work hard to understand what we are looking at, capturing and holding my attention. I love that although the Australian coastline is familiar to me, I have never seen it look quite like this before. Overall, an intriguing and beautifully realised image.”


Shannon Ghannam – Global Education Director, Magnum Photos


‘Bloom’ – Awarded 1st Place Winner of Colour Photography, The Independent Photographer, 2020


Awarded 1st Place Winner of Colour Photography, The Independent Photographer, 2020


Exhibited at The Independent Photographer 2020 Exhibition, CLB Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany, October 2020


Shortlisted in the Australian Photography Awards, Landscape Category, 2020


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